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Q: I've installed PubHub in my browser but I cant open the extension? 

  • Make sure the PubHub extension is enabled in your browser.  Visit chrome://extensions in your browser, and make sure that the PubHub extension is enabled (you should see a toggle switch). If the PubHub extension is enabled in your browser, you will see the PubHub icon appear in browser extension shortcuts. 

  • You can pin PubHub to your browser by using the Chrome extension manager and pinning PubHub

Q: Why cant I find the information I'm looking for when using the search feature?

It could be that the information you are looking for was not included in the knowledge base used to setup your PubHub account*.  Or it could be that the search input you're using isn't being recognized by our system. 


Here's a few tips:

  • Watch for acronyms: check your search for acronyms or other keywords that might not exist in your knowledge base content (i.e. "YJ" instead of "Yellow Jacket" etc.) 

  • Search length: try not to make your search input too long or too short. Try different combinations of keywords.

  • Add model number / product name: If you want to search for information about a specific product, include the model number or product name in the search (i.e. "2210F maintenance schedule" instead of just "maintenance schedule")

  • Try the search filters:  use the search filter tool to help narrow your search.  You can use this in combination to adjusting your keyword input. 

  • Try "exact match":  still cant find what you are looking for? Try using the exact match feature.  You can search for an exact match by wrapping your search in quotes.  (i.e. "2210F error codes") Note: this feature will only return exact matches.  

* If you think your knowledge base is missing information, you should contact your account admin. 

Q: Why isn't PubHub giving me any knowledge suggestions?

  • Did you sign up for this feature? In order to use the Knowledge Suggestions feature, your account must first have this feature enabled.  

  • Knowledge Suggestions are only available when using your helpdesk software (i.e. Salesforce). So even if you have signed up for this feature, its unavailable on other web pages.  

  • Finally, not every helpdesk ticket will ​have knowledge suggestions.  Sometimes helpdesk tickets do not contain enough information to allow us to find an effective match in your knowledge base.  In these situations, we would recommend you try using the search feature to find information from your knowledge base. 

Q: How do I edit/add/delete information from the knowledge base?

Currently only your system administrator can edit/add/delete information from the knowledge base. ​ 

Q: I need help with something else 

No problem! Shoot our support team an email at and we will try and get back to you as soon as we can. 

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