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Help center software that really understands customer service

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Public & private help centers

Whether you need to improve your public help center, or create new private help centers for an internal team. We've got your covered.

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Fast and easy to setup.  You can have a beautiful, powerful help center in minutes! 

Private or Public

Make your help center private and invite others, or make it available to the public

Browser Extension

Amazing one-click access to your knowledge from any web page

Super easy to customize


Your help center is one of your most visited pages, and yet its often treated as an afterthought.  Give your help center some love and attention.  

No Code


What you see is what you get. 

We made it super simple. 


We don't make you customize the entire site.  Instead we let you focus on the important items like your header, logo & folders style.  


Preview your help center experience on desktop and mobile, before you publish it to your audience

Private or Public

Make your help center private and invite a specific audience, or mark it public, and publish it to the world

Link or Embed

Add a link to your website, or embed the entire help center within an existing web page


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Help centers are supposed to give your audience a place to search for answers.  But too many of them don't actually find anything, or trap the user in a maze of clicks.  Or both. 


Powerful Search

We didn't just build a search tool. 

We built a search experience

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Search across thousands of assets instantly, and preview your results before opening.  

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PDF Powers

Page-level results automatically sorted by most relevant match


Preview a snippet of your  results, including summary, tags and length


Turn on/off PDF highlights that match your keyword search 

Customer service teams need help too


Too often these teams are left searching through a maze of outdated information, creating sticky notes, or asking teammates for help. 

There's a better way.

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Agent's Best Friend

A hybrid knowledge base that includes private and public content.  

Isolated from your public help center, but easily accessible to your agents. 

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Agents shouldn't have to spend more time searching for information, than they do actually helping customers


Find what you are looking for?  Why not send a link to your customer.  Even send them to a specific page in a PDF

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PubHub integrates with popular helpdesk products, and automatically suggests help from your knowledge base