An intelligent helpdesk plugin

Improve your customer support, without changing your helpdesk software, and without having to rebuild your knowledge base

Your entire knowledge base accessible in one simple-to-use browser extension


Customer support teams have enough challenges already


and shouldn't have to spend more time searching for information, then they do actually helping customers

 Integrates with your existing helpdesk software

Knowledge Suggestions

we use natural language processing to help recognize the context of the helpdesk ticket

Deep Search

easily search your entire knowledge base, with the results automatically filtered for context

Customer support agents feel the pressure from customers. Over 50% believe they lack the proper tools and don't have the right information to help customers.  

Get started without IT support

how it works

Organize your knowledge base

Organize and automatically index your entire knowledge base (PDFs, videos, FAQ's, tutorials etc.)  

Install PubHub

browser extension 

Install the browser extension which seamlessly works with your existing helpdesk software

Real-time access

to knowledge

During a support session, access your entire knowledge base without leaving your helpdesk (with suggestions!)

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