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One-click help center

Too often internal teams (especially new hires) are left searching through a maze of outdated information, creating sticky notes, or asking teammates for help. 

There's a better way.



Agents shouldn't have to spend more time searching for information, than they do actually helping customers


Find what you are looking for?  Why not send a link to your customer.  Even send them to a specific page in a PDF


PubHub integrates with popular helpdesk products, and automatically suggests help from your knowledge base

Use cases

The PubHub Chrome extension is a powerful tool for internal teams.

Check out some of the most common uses cases: 

Works with your existing help desk

Automatically get suggestions from your knowledge base

when used with some helpdesk ticketing software

PubHub Salesforce Integration
PubHub Freskdesk Integration


We use natural language processing to analyze help desk tickets


PubHub automatically suggests relevant information from your knowledge base

Works OTB

PubHub works out-of-the-box with both help desk platforms

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