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Behind every great help center is a
great knowledge base

Organize, create & tag content to make it more useful for your audience

Upload ✅

Add your existing help documentation (PDFs, Articles, Videos)

Create ✍️

Author new FAQs & how-to articles.  Add images, videos, tables, and more!

Categorize 🔖

Create folders, custom tags, and other metadata to help users find your information.  Manage content access. 

Helpful Hints💡

Take advantage of PubHub's built-in analytics to help figure out where you should create more content. 

Knowledge base analytics

Understand how your users are searching for help - and take action

Valuable insight

  • What are the most common problems users are seeking help with?

  • What search terms are they using?

  • How do they describe the problem?

PubHub analytics dashboard allows you to understand what your customers are searching for in your help center, and helps prioritize and target improvement to your knowledge base.
PubHub knowledge base analytics.  Valuable insight from learning what your users are searching for.

Target improvements

  • Is your knowledge base missing some information?

  • Where should you spend your time improving your content?

  • Should I add shortcuts to my most-used content?

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