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How it Works

It starts with a great knowledge base - and ends with a happy audience  🙂

Step 1

Organize Knowledge Base

Add or create your most helpful documents & literature. 

These might be PDFs, how-to articles, or video tutorials.  Add as much as you want.  No storage limits!

Upload ✅

Add your existing help documentation (PDFs, Articles, Videos)

Create ✍️

Author new FAQs & how-to articles.  Add images, videos, tables, and more!

Categorize 🔖

Create folders, custom tags, and other metadata to help users find your information.  Manage content access. 

Helpful Hints💡

Take advantage of PubHub's built-in analytics to help figure out where you should create more content. 

Step 2

Install Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is a great internal tool!  

Invite members of your team to PubHub, and as soon as you publish your knowledge base content, it's automatically available here.

Browser Extension Screenshot 3.png

One-Click 🖱

Instant access to your knowledge base, at any time, and on any webpage.  

Search 🔍

Find information fast!  Easy-to-use sort and filter tools, and convienient content preview. 

Share 🔗

Easily share a link to any content in your knowledge base - including PDF page links. 

Helpful Hints💡

Have content that you don't want to be shared outside of your team?  Mark that content "private" in your knowledge base, and it will automatically become read-only in the Chrome extension. 

Step 3

Build Help Center

Build a standalone Help Center website that can be used internally or externally (public).

Fully customizable and easy to use.  No coding, just click or drag. 

PubHub Help Center Builder.png

Branded 🎨

Add your logo.  Style your background with an image from our library or upload your own.  Customize your welcome text.

Responsive 😊 

You get a fully responsive website, so you know that you get a great experience on all screen sizes. 

Powerful 💪

Search that works!  Users will be able to find anything in your knowledge base. 

Helpful Hints💡

There are two ways to use your new Help Center.  You can add a link to your new Help Center on your existing website, or you can try embedding it on an existing webpage. 

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