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Using PubHub: Content Tags

When building your FAQ page or Help Center, it's important you keep in mind that each visitor will have their individual preference and technique when using self-help tools. Your FAQ page should try to support multiple paths. Make sure users can easily find what they are looking for. Create nice flows with well-organized folders. Ensure your search tool can find the results users would expect. Add shortcuts to popular articles.

Content Tags

One way you can help users find your knowledge in PubHub is by adding Tags. And with PubHub we have supercharged your content Tags to make them even more powerful for your users.

When you add a Tag to content in PubHub, three (3) things happen automatically:

  1. You add a unique keyword to that content for search purposes

  2. Your Tags become available on the home page of your help center as shortcuts.

  3. Your Tags become available in your help center as filters.


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